Giving Machines

The Giving Machine is here! What’s the Giving Machine you ask?Usually, we visit a vending machine to get something for ourselves, but LightTheWorld Giving Machines are a way to give to someone else.

Imagine swiping your credit card at a vending machine—but instead of buying a candy bar for yourself, you are buying items for local and global non-profits or organizations in need. Giving Machines make it easy to support these charities and provide them with items such as running shoes, school supplies, pots and pans, hay for horses, diapers, sleeping bags, and even ducks. One hundred percent of your donation will be used for the purchased item, similar items, or services of greater need as determined by the applicable charitable organization.

Can I donate online?

Absolutely! You can donate online to the organizations participating in the Giving Machines. Under each city in the “The Nonprofits” webpage, click on the charity’s name to visit their website and donate in support of Light the World online. Will be available during the period Giving Machines is open from November 21-December 30.


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