Code of Conduct

Achilles Code of conduct


  • Show respect to Achilles staff and fellow club members at all times;
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure a welcoming, respectful, and comfortable club environment for all;
  • Always show respect and appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to help the club and/or event(s);
  • Never yell, taunt, or threaten physical violence upon another member of the club, a staff member, volunteer or event participant or event spectator (Members with a criminal history of violence or with a legal restraining order against them by another member may be barred from membership and participation in all club activities);
  • Never use abusive or vulgar language, or make racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments at club events;
  • Never make unwanted verbal, sexual or physical contact with other members; 
  • Respect the age, religion, ethnic background, gender, and sexual orientation when interacting with teammates, staff, other running clubs, participants at group runs, races, activities, social events, clinics, seminars, or via the Internet in email, texts, public forums, and social media sites; 
  • Communicate appropriately via email and/ or text, refrain from sending continued and persistent contact between practices
  • Behave in a manner that is safe, and does not put themselves or others at risk of physical harm or legal liability;
  • Observe and obey all rules and regulations governing races, including those governing the sale or transfer of race bibs; 
  • Never knowingly misrepresent themselves to Achilles chapter leaders in order to gain entry to or reimbursement for races they have not trained for and cannot complete.
  • Learn proper operation and care of Achilles equipment on loan (handcycles, tandem bikes, racing chairs, etc.) and treat the equipment with respect.  
  • Operate adaptive equipment in a fashion that does not endanger others and follows rules set by race officials.

Please immediately report inappropriate actions or behaviors, in writing, to Achilles’ leadership. 

Membership may be terminated for violations of this Code of Conduct.