Achilles Nashville and USATF

Achilles International – Nashville is an active club member of the United States Association of Track & Field (USATF)—the national governing body for track & field, long-distance running, and race walking.

In addition to providing the rules and regulations for these sports, the USATF offers a Registered Coaches Program. Coaches who complete this program have demonstrated the ethics, honesty and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by this national governing body. One component of the coaching process is a comprehensive Safe Sport Handbook which focuses on only the highest ethical and honorable standards. To become registered, a coach must complete the application process which includes:

  • Be a current USATF member
  • Pass the USATF background screen
  • Complete USOC SafeSport course
  • Accept and adhere to the SafeSport Handbook

The following Achilles members are currently listed in the Registered Coaches Program:


Headshot of Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks

Headshot of Amy Harris

Amy Harris

Headshot of Amy Saffell

Amy Saffell

Headshot of Haskell Murray

Haskell Murray

Headshot of John Lavey

John Lavey

Headshot of Lauren Kollinger

Lauren Kollinger

Headshot of Matt Davis in a racing chair

Matt Davis

Olaf Wasternack

Headshot of Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart

Headshot of Wil Santi

Wil Santi

USATF Level 1 

In addition to the Coaches Registry, the USATF conducts instructional coaching programs, which are intended to establish a set of high standards for coaching across the country. The USATF Level 1 course of the USATF Coaching Education Program covers all events focusing on fundamentals, rules, safety/risk management, instruction techniques, as well as creating a common language amongst coaches. This program is certified by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). Level 1 courses consisting of classroom lessons and hands-on training are approximately two-and-a-half-day courses where 21.5 hours are spent on track & field and related sport science. Participants complete an online exam which covers all content provided in the program including coaching philosophy. Upon passing the exam, participants receive Level 1 Certification.

The following Achilles members are current Level I certified Coaches:

Headshot of Amy Harris

Amy Harris

Headshot of Wil Santi

Wil Santi