Guides and Volunteers

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Volunteers are an integral part of the Achilles community and take on numerous roles. Many of our volunteers are experienced runners who function as guides for an athlete with a disability during training workouts and/or races. Other volunteers might choose not to run with an athlete but help with chapter organization, fundraising, race-day logistics, and help represent Achilles at race expos and health fairs. While the overall role is to help athletes during a workout or race so the athlete can successfully and safely participate, ask any Achilles volunteer why they do it, and you’ll often get a similar response, the volunteer gets back as much as they give and more.

Volunteer Guides:

 Achilles guides come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds.  From walkers to those who are closer to the front of the pack, there is a place for you as an Achilles guide. The role of the guide is varied. As an Achilles guide, you may do any of the following:

Help athletes with disabilities become familiar and proficient with special equipment if needed

Participate in training workouts with the athlete, providing companionship and positive feedback.

Provide guidance and running advice during workouts and/or racesHelp with race-day logistics (e.g. packet pick-up).Participate in the race alongside the athlete with whom you’ve been training.

Not a runner but still want to make a difference? There are a variety of ways to volunteer with Achilles off-road as well! Some of the roles of an Achilles volunteer are:

Help organize training workouts in your area with local Achilles athletes and guides.

Assist the Chapter Leadership Team with administrative tasks such as: athlete recruitment, race organization, race day support, fundraising, social events, representation at race expos, area health fairs, etc.

Have a special talent or interest to share (e.g. graphic design, fundraising, grant writing)

How to Join Achilles Nashville


To become a volunteer guide (running or walking guide) of Achilles International Nashville, email for more information or complete the form below, either online with the link or print the document and bring it to the first practice you attend:

Achilles Volunteer Guide Membership Application (Online)

For any other volunteer opportunities, please email to express your interest, include any special volunteer areas you might be interested in, and include contact information!


Once you have become an Achilles member read the handbook! Hope to see you soon!

Achilles Nashville Guide/Volunteer Member Handbook