Meet the Board Members

Executive Board
Headshot of John Lavey

John Lavey

Board President

President, Hammock Inc.

John Patten

Board Treasurer

Statistical Analyst, TN Government

Headshot of Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks

Board Secretary

President, Calypso Café

Headshot of Todd Mckee

Todd McKee

Legal Counsel

Attorney at Laird Ottinger + Leach PLLC

Headshot of Matt Davis in a racing chair

Matt Davis

Board Member     

Coordinator, Western Kentucky University Student Accessibility Resource Center

Headshot of Collins Hooper

Collins Hooper

Legal Counsel

Attorney, Criminal Defense and Family Law

Headshot of Christy Ray

Christy Ray

Board Member ( blind and visually impaired athletes; blind athlete)

Trainer, Self-Defense Blind and Visually Impaired

Headshot of Carrie Redmon

Carrie Redmon

Past Executive Director Achilles Nashville

Director of Clinical Applications at Utilize Health

Headshot of Amy Saffell

Amy Saffell

Board Member (representing athletes with disabilities; wheelchair athlete)

Program Director, ABLE Youth

Headshot of Ed Sieffert

Ed Sieffert

Board Member       

Owner L&S Construction

Headshot of Christine Tarkenton

Christine Tarkenton


Lee Howell & Company

Headshot of Melanie Yappen

Melanie Yappen

Past President, Achilles International – Nashville

Headshot of Amy Harris

Amy Harris

Executive Director Achilles International-Nashville, Ex officio

Headshot of Sara Solomon

Sara Solomon

Assistant Director, Achilles International-Nashville, Ex officio (representing athletes with disabilities; handcyclist)