Achilles Nashville Hope and Possibility® Race 2023

Athlete Tony Rossi (left) Athlete Trish Meili (middle) Olaf Wasternack (right)

In 2014, Achilles Nashville hosted its first annual Hope & Possibility® Race  in May  at the Dominican Campus in Nashville. Hope & Possibility® is the signature race of Achilles International, founded in 2003 by Trisha Meili to honor her remarkable recovery, whose NY Times best-selling book is titled I Am the Central Park Jogger, A Story of Hope and Possibility. The Hope & Possibility® Race, welcomes athletes of all abilities, from elite runners to walkers to wheelers.

While typical age and gender awards are presented, the race also features award categories for visually impaired athletes, ambulatory disabled athletes, manual wheelchair users, Racing wheelchairs, and handcyclists. Race registration in just the first year was over 600 people, and 10% of those were registered in a disability category.

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