John Hardin is Running the Appalachian Trail and Raising Money

“Guess-When-John-Stops-Running” Appalachian Trail Game!

On June 21st, 3:11 EST, Nashville’s John Hardin set off to break the record for the fastest time of the 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail. The current record is 41 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes. Will John be faster?  Will he be slower?  Just exactly WHEN will this man stop running!? Make your guesses and help support Achilles!  For a suggested donation of $10 per guess — 100% tax deductible — we’ll keep a spreadsheet of your name and the times that you choose, the day, the hour and the minute.  The guess that comes closest without going over to the time that John stops running will win two tickets to an Edible Nashville farm or creek dinner, a $300 plus value!!!  The next four runners up (pun intended) will each win a $25 Fleet Feet Nashville gift card! There will also be door prizes with cool swag from Achilles and HardWin Adventures!

One of the projects we hope to fund is a power-steered running stroller for Will Ferrell, one of our newest Achilles athletes. This vehicle will allow Will to actively participate in runs and races, steering his own vehicle while his running teammate pushes from behind. To follow John’s progress, sign up for his 2022 FKT Appalachian Trail page on Facebook and read dispatches of his efforts in The Pamphleteer.

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