Achilles This Week

Wednesday’s Practice: We sure have had our share of wet Wednesdays. As much as it rained on Wednesday though, the two-hour window for getting to and from practice was the best of the day Wednesday. With temps in the 50’s that made a great outdoor run/ walk! 

This Wednesday’s (Feb. 9): Layer up and come on out to practice. Hope to see you at McCabe Park Community Center at 5:30 ready to run, walk, or roll!
Remember to: RSVP 24 hours in advance to or text Amy or Lizzy. That allows us time to assure there are enough guides for all our awesome athletes.

Wear your mask when entering the Community Center and please stay home if you have any Covid like symptoms or have been around anyone who does. 

Joanne in an Achilles Jacket
Hot Chocolate is like a Hug from the Inside

Hot Chocolate 5k/ 15k February 12

Hot Chocolate 5k/ 15k February 12: Be sure to wish Good Luck to all the athletes ( and guides participating in the Hot Chocolate Race on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Athletes Registered: Amy S., James, Shelby, Dwaine, Chris, Lizzy, Matt, Kassondra, Eddie,  Christel Guides: Aaron, Allison S., Taylor S., Carrie, Bridgett, Amy H., John S., Dana, William, Jessa, Aramis, Randy, Shannon

Hope & Possibility® Planning Help Needed

Allison Sims and Lauren Lowinger, co-chairs for this year’s annual Hope & Possibility® Race, are asking for help with the planning and organization of this year’s race. If you are willing to help out on one of the H&P committees please them know. You can email or talk to Allison or Lauren at practice.

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