Achilles This Week

Guide Lauren and athlete Maya

Practices Starting June 10 (RSVP only) 

We are planning to start back June 10th (during Phase 3 of the Mayor’s Plan) as a soft opening with June 24th (first Wednesday in Phase 4) as our planned re-opening for all! This is all based on the phases moving according to plan with two weeks in between each phase. We are asking that all athletes and guides RSVP for practice at least 24 hours in advance so we can do pairings prior to the meeting. There will be no announcements or group stretching during Phase 3 & 4 so please be sure to read the newsletters, emails, or Facebook posts for information.
For the June 10 and June 17 practices, we are having two start times: one at 6:00 PM and one at 6:30 PM. Text or email Lizzy (24 hours in advance) to let her know your preference for those weeks. 
For more details on practices and our re-emerging after COVID-19, click on the link below:

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