Achilles This Week

Practices Starting June 10 (RSVP only) 

Practices are running smoothly during this modified Phase 2! A huge shout out to all the athletes and guides for their support in following safety practices of wearing masks as required (e.g., pre- and post-run, in a group setting outside McCabe, indoors at Community Center) and social distancing as much as possible. 
We welcomed a new athlete, Ben, a few weeks ago. This past week Ben took a spin on a handcycle for his first time. He seemed to maneuver the Greenway and the surrounding neighborhoods with ease with his awesome guide team of Aaron, Allison, and Bridgette who ran or biked alongside him and Jim Troutt, who assures our wheels are ready for the rides. Achilles Nashville is so grateful for all of our guides and volunteers who make these things possible. 

Practice Wednesday, August 5 (RSVP only) 

While we remain in a Modified Phase 2, we will continue to operate with RSVP only in order to maintain appropriate group sizes – no more than 25 in each – for our staggered groups, one group at 5:30 and one group at 6:30 pm. Please RSVP 24- hours in advance. When you arrive at practice, check-in at the health screening table to get temp taken.

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