The Mike Moberg Award

The Mike Moberg crystal ornament

This year our Chapter lost 2 of its long time members, Mike Moberg and Peter Pressman. At our annual Holiday Party on December 12, 2018 a special award in honor and in memory of these two people went to one athlete and one guide.

Mike Moberg was one of the original Achilles athletes. He was an avid hand-cycler who dedicated his life to health and fitness following an accident in 2009 that left him paralyzed from waist down. 

The transformation that fitness and Achilles made to Mike’s life is an incredible story. (see Remembering Mike Moberg)

We have an athlete who exemplifies the qualities we all think of when we talk about Mike. This athlete also began with Achilles early on as one of the original athletes. This athlete, like Mike, was a bit over his ideal weight and not overly athletic. However, things changed for him over the past couple of years as he trained hard, dedicated his time and energy towards fitness and reaching new goals. Despite some medical complications during training, he persevered, focused and determined to complete the NYC Marathon. This award, the 1styear of the Mike Moberg Athlete of the Year Award goes to Dwaine Jones, an athlete and a champion in our eyes!