Seeing Blindness

Groutshot from left to right Chris Pennington, Amy Harris, Stephanie Zundel and Guide Dog Marley, Rachel Dillard, Christy Ray, Theresa Khayyam, Lena Menkes, Ricky Jones, Dwaine Jones, Randy Hodge

Robert Houser, photographer, with Facing Light Foundation captured the beauty and spirit of many visually impaired/ blind athletes including our Achilles Nashville team while at the California International Marathon and the United States Association of Blind Athletes National Championships in Sacramento in December 2017.


The Facing Light Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to draw attention through photographs to the humanistic side of those facing some of life’s greatest challenges.
Facing Chemo was the first project of the Facing Light Foundation. The Foundation uses art as a medium to tell a story. The viewer is both moved and immersed in the experience.


“If an image can speak a thousand words, how does it feel to be in a room full of larger than life portraits of individuals, individuals with a story to tell?”


Visit his website for more on his projects and where his exhibits (e.g., “Facing Chemo” Facing Aging”) will be.

It was a fun project to be a part of and he captured our group beautifully! 


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