2018 Race Calendar

Groupshot from Rock and Roll Nashville

Spring Races

February 17th Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

Location: Bicentennial Mall State Park

Time: 7:00 am

March 3rd Tom King Classic 5k/Half Marathon

Location: Nissan Stadium

Time: 7:55 wheelchair start, 8:00 half marathon start, 8:15 5k start

April 7th Race Judicata 5k/10k*,

Location: Edwin Warner Park

Time: 8:00am

*Achilles is a beneficiary for the races 

April 16th Boston Marathon

April 28th St. Jude’s Rock ‘N’ Roll, 5k/half/full marathon

Location: 8th Ave  & Broadway

Time: 7:15 marathon and half marathon start, 6:45 5k start

Summer Races

July 4th– Firecracker 5k* Time: 7:00am

  • Achilles is a beneficiary for the race

Fall Races

October 6th– Bison Boogie 5K

October 20th – Hope & Possibility® Race

November 4th– New York City Marathon*

*Registration has closed! 

November 22nd (Thanksgiving)- Boulevard Bolt, 8:00am start time

Winter Races

December 1st– St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon Weekend 5k, 10k, half and full marathon