The California International Marathon


            The California International Marathon (CIM) is certified and sanctioned by USATF and is a Boston Marathon and US Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier. The CIM is the United States Association of Blind Athletes National Marathon Championship. Approximately 50-60 visually impaired (VI) runners participate in this event. The course is a point-to-point, net downhill course, providing over 100,000 runners of all speeds–from first-timers to the fastest of the fast–the best chance to achieve their marathon goals. Course runs from Folsom Dam to the State Capitol in Sacramento.

It is through Richard Hunter, a blind athlete, that our Achilles group was invited to attend and participate in the CIM; a portion of our funding is through his efforts with the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) Marathon Championship. Richard is the USABA Marathon National Championship Coordinator, founder of national program to pair VI runners with guides called United in Stride, and a friend of Achilles.

The CIM is a relay, athletes and their guides will be completing either leg 1 or 2 to complete half of the marathon, and one athlete will complete the entire marathon. Teams for the CIM can be seen below:


Athletes / Guides (by teams & order for relay):


Leg 1 (13.5 miles) Leg 2 (12.7 miles)
Ricky Jones guided by Michael Pate (from Sacramento) Christy Ray guided by Amy Harris


Annie Donnell guided by Rachel Dillard Theresa Khayyam guided by Lena Menkes
Chris Pennington guided by Kimi deMent Dwaine Jones guided by Randy Hodge
Stephanie Zundel guided by Amy Harris Stephanie Zundel guided by Ed Sieffert


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