Athlete Spotlight

Chassity  Choate


Mickey Mouse (on left) with Chassity Choate (on right)

My name is Chassity and I joined Achilles in the middle of 2015. I have had a good time since coming to Achilles. When I first came, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone. My first guide was Nora Dixon and she was a blast. My second guide was Allison Brooks and I have gotten to know her a lot. I really enjoy that. We trained for the Disney Half Marathon together. It was in Orlando, Florida and it was so much fun. We saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Brian Evanko from Cigna joined us. I’m glad for all the people that I have met and they have all helped me with my running, my pace, my speed, especially Allison. She really knows about running, she’s done lots of races. I’m so glad I joined Achilles and have gotten to do races. I’m training for my second half marathon now, it will be in Disney too, but in California.  I will run with Klare, she is so sweet and so nice, and like Allison, I have really gotten to know her. We encourage each other. My other friend Amanda is new to Achilles, and she’s doing good on her running and I’m glad that we get to train together. I’m just happy that I have met so many running buddies and made friends and have such good communication with them all. We are always telling each other “good job”. I hope one day I can be a good guide for Achilles, I will need some training on that. I hope you like my story and I hope you enjoy.